Our People

BR & SL Porter Limited is a registered Company specialising in Bulk Transport, Container movements, Warehousing and Storage. Bruce and Sandra Porter have been involved in the Transport business for over 30 years. They operate in a hands on environment with Bruce overseeing the operational and dispatch side of the operation and Sandra controlling the administration functions. BR & SL Porter Limited have a proven history of providing customers with unbelievable service and innovative solutions to ensure an even faster, reliable and efficient service. The prime focus of their business is;

  • Bulk cartage of liquid food grade products
  • Storage of bulk liquids, oils & food grade products
  • Transportation, and storage of containers
  • ISO tank cleaning
  • Bulk dry storage & Warehousing services

Philip Toohill
Managing Director
Financial Adviser - FSP 87862
Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Association of NZ (IBANZ)
Commercial Underwriter
Co-founder MultiSure Group 1985
Email: philip@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5581
Mob: 021 666 990

Trevor Toohill
Marketing Executive
Financial Adviser - FSP 453286
Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Association of NZ (IBANZ)
Co-founder MultiSure Group 1985
Email: trevor@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5580
Mob: 0274 661 994

Linda Toohill
Director and Administration Manager
Financial Adviser - LifeSure - FSP 259885
Life Insurance and Personal Risks
Email: linda@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 358 4150
Mob: 0274 661 084

Craig Silby
Specialist Transport Broker - TruckSure
Financial Adviser - FSP 448846
Twenty five plus years NZ Transport industry experience
Registered market valuations, commercial vehicles specialist
Email: craig@multisure.co.nz
Mob: 021 740 565

Sarah West
Broker Support and Claims Management
Financial Adviser - FSP 676371
Domestic and private motor insurance
Commercial Insurance support
Email: sarah@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5582

Des Wilson
Broker Support and Claims Management
Financial Adviser FSP 676351
More than 10 years of Commercial claims experience, working under the major insurance brands in New Zealand, my aim is to keep your business operating with minimal disruption
Email: des@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5583


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