Our People

BR & SL Porter Limited is a registered Company specialising in Bulk Transport, Container movements, Warehousing and Storage. Bruce and Sandra Porter have been involved in the Transport business for over 30 years. They operate in a hands on environment with Bruce overseeing the operational and dispatch side of the operation and Sandra controlling the administration functions. BR & SL Porter Limited have a proven history of providing customers with unbelievable service and innovative solutions to ensure an even faster, reliable and efficient service. The prime focus of their business is;

  • Bulk cartage of liquid food grade products
  • Storage of bulk liquids, oils & food grade products
  • Transportation, and storage of containers
  • ISO tank cleaning
  • Bulk dry storage & Warehousing services

Philip Toohill
Managing Director
Financial Adviser - FSP 87862
Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Association of NZ (IBANZ)
Commercial Underwriter
Co-founder MultiSure Group 1985
Email: philip@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5581
Mob: 021 666 990

Trevor Toohill
Marketing Executive
Financial Adviser - FSP 453286
Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Association of NZ (IBANZ)
Co-founder MultiSure Group 1985
Email: trevor@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5580
Mob: 0274 661 994

Linda Toohill
Director and Administration Manager
Financial Adviser - LifeSure - FSP 259885
Life Insurance and Personal Risks
Email: linda@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 358 4150
Mob: 0274 661 084

Craig Silby
Specialist Transport Broker - TruckSure
Financial Adviser - FSP 448846
Twenty five plus years NZ Transport industry experience
Registered market valuations, commercial vehicles specialist
Email: craig@multisure.co.nz
Mob: 021 740 565

Sarah West
Broker Support and Claims Management
Financial Adviser - FSP 676371
Domestic and private motor insurance
Commercial Insurance support
Email: sarah@multisure.co.nz
DDI: 09 300 5582

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